Tuesday, April 16, 2024

I Give Tanks For Being At Home

 In the week since I have returned from my adventures in Virginia I have managed to accomplish very little. Which was rather my goal, actually. A little housework, some yardwork, and a bit of cleaning. 

Time to get back into the hobby!

My original plan for Historicon in July was a whopper of a game in GLORIOUS 54mm goodness based on the Nan Red beach landing by The North Shore Regiment (New Brunswick) on Juno Beach for the 80th commemoration of the Normandy landings... 

Whelp, that dream hit the reality of the tyranny of time and that bit about Immovable Object and Irresistible Force meant that I've got bits all about the place, but I can't promise I'll put it all together for the show. 

But I've got a Plan B. Two, in fact. 

The theme this year is "Hollywood Goes To Historicon". 

Right. Just the grist for my mill. 

So the first game I've got is "The Road to Ambleve", based on the 1965 movie "The Battle of the Bulge". It's a dog of a movie, so I'm doing a game, based on a movie, based on the real battle. 

I'll be using What A Tanker from Too Fat Lardies, with local mods for Infantry. 

My second game is based on the 1970 movie "Patton" and will feature my take on their take on the Battle of El Guettar from 1943 in Tunisia. The movie's version and the historical version are.....divergent. 

And that means I'm going to take the piss out of it. The movie, that is. 

Since the movie used M48A2 Patton tanks in lieu of Panzer IVs, then that's what I'm going to use. 

Do you remember the old plastic tanks you got with Army Men Bags? The Tim-Mee tanks? 

Yep. Those are 1/48th scale. Just right for wargaming with. 

Those of you who are collectors should probably stop reading now... 

The first picture, is a Tim-Mee M48A2 in its natural habitat....

Then, we give it a nice coat of white rattle can primer. I use Rustoleum brand sprays from Home Depot. 

And then, after watching scenes from the movie "Patton" several times, we apply the absolutely historical colours and, presto, a perfectly historical movie tank....fit for a game, based on a movie, based on an actual battle....

This is going to be a very enjoyable game....and maybe a bit of a wind up, too. 😏


  1. That tank looks great. Excellent idea.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jon. That's what I do as a Warrant Officer.... generate options....

  3. Looks a perfect combo for you - Hollywood takes bites out of history and history bites back.
    Neat idea to use the M48. I sure many will choke on their cuppa tea on seeing it. There may even be those who don't notice.

    1. I am hoping I will get a couple of hairy eyeballs, along with a couple of giggles from the guys that get the joke.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Yep. They chose badly, who chose this theme.... Can't wait to see who else does something similar.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks WIllz! You guys at the VWC help with ideas.

  6. Great idea....I think you might need early version Leopard tanks painted grey for the movie version of Battle of the Bulge.....and remember.... watch out, the MP's are krauts!!

    1. And a positive modifier to your rolls if can quote directly from the movie without having to look at your iPhone, first!

  7. Ross, I actually have a challenge. The Marx Battleground tank with the number 41 on the turret is a perfect stand in. But I only have six of them and I need four for Ambleve to play Tiger tanks and four for El Guettar to play Shermans (that weren't there). Oh! The Humanity!

  8. Don't you need some Walker Bulldogs for 100% accuracy? ☺

    1. Sadly, the only plastic Walker Bulldog is 1:24 scale from BMC. 3D printed ones seem to be a small fortune. So I have a Dilemma.

  9. Just when I thought it might be safe to keep reading after the headline I then stumble into the outrage of the century (it may only be 2024 but I think I'm on safe ground). Brilliant Idea! Some US half-tracks in 'German' colours perhaps?

  10. Brian, I am to please. Or I'm pleased to aim. Something like that.


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